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How the University of Michigan’s Student Athletes are returning from Break

As student-athletes make their return to campus at the University of Michigan after their holiday break, things are looking a little different than last year. The same can be said for the coaches and other athletic staff, as everyone is not just returning and resuming practices right away as they have in past years.

Student-athletes recently started making their return to campus after the holiday break. This year things are being done differently. Resuming practice and other activities that require them to be in close contact with each other, coaches, and other team staff will have to be approved, for lack of a better term. Initial COVID-19 tests will be given to make sure they did not contract it while they were gone. Testing ensures the safety of everyone with whom they work closely.

The University of Michigan COVID-19 Protocol and Student Athletes

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Since their initial return to campus for the 2020-21 season, the university has given 24,588 tests in total for student- athletes, 194 of those returning positive for COVID -19. 9,066 tests were administered to staff members and returned 22 positives.

From December 12-18 alone, 2,011 tests were given to student- athletes, coaches, and staff. Of those 2,011 tests, there have only been six positive test results, all of which were University of Michigan Steven M. Ross Athletic Campus | via Granger Construction Godsey 2 student-athletes. These numbers give hope that what U of M’s protocols to keep their athletes, coaches, and staff safe is effective.

How the Big Ten is Handling COVID-19

The Big Ten has decided to cancel certain weekly football games due to teams having an outbreak of COVID-19 instead of rescheduling them due to their shortened season, this, unfortunately, keeps Michigan from being able to play some games. We here at TV Sports look forward to watching what they do and seeing them have a strong end to their season.

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The larger Big Ten conference has decided to cancel certain weekly football games due to teams having an outbreak of COVID-19. The conference has announced that these games will not be rescheduled, unfortunately leaving Michigan with a very shortened season.

However, Friday, December 18, 2020, the Big Ten announced the second phase of the 2020-21 season. For U of M, this means their series back for the latter end of their season will be January 8-9, in a two-game home series against Michigan State University. Nothing like a good rivalry to get you back in the swing of things after the break!

For now, with U of M back student-athletes back, it is time to start back with the COVID-19 protocol they have had in place so far this season.

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