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Shake and Bake, Milton Leads 76ers to Pivotal Game 2 Win


Shake Milton’s much-needed boost off the bench and a 40-piece from Joel Embiid gave the Philadelphia 76ers a key win in Game 2, 118-102. 

Embiid set a new playoff career-high, putting together his first ever 40-point playoff double-double.

Milton notched 14 points in 14 minutes to spark the 76ers’ game-winning fourth quarter run.

Tobias Harris and Seth Curry added 22 and 21 points respectively for the 76ers. Harris controlled the game early, scoring 16 of his points in the first quarter. Curry, as usual, helped the team to spread the floor, knocking down 5 of his 6 3-point attempts.

Trae Young and Danilo Gallinari each scored 21, tied as the team’s highest scorers. Young added a game-high 11 assists, though he went only 1-of-7 from three.

Embiid Dominates on Both Ends

Embiid set yet another playoff career-high. Following a Game 1 where he scored 39 points on 21 shots, he scored 40 on 25 shots. 

He shot 13-of-25 from the floor and knocked down 2 threes. He also shot 12-16 from the free-throw line, attempting only 2 fewer free throws than the entire Hawks team.

Embiid also added 2 assists and collected 13 rebounds, completing his double-double.

Not only that, but the big man also did it on the defensive end. He had 2 steals and a block and played great defense on Clint Capela. The Hawks center attempted only 7 shots and scored only 10 points. 

Hawks Starters Go Cold

Young was the only starter for the Hawks to score more than 14 points in the game. Combined, they shot 21-of-52 from the field, just 40 percent. 

On top of that, they combined to make only 3 threes. One came from Youngg, 2 from Bogdon Bogdanovic. 

They also had a tough time distributing the ball. Young was the only starter to record more than 2 assists. Of the other 4, only Bogdanovic had more than one.

Bench Battle

For nearly the entire game, the 76ers bench hadn’t made a single field goal or scored a single point. On the other hand, two Hawks, Kevin Huerter and Gallinari, combined to score 41 points and hit 8 threes.

Huerter was blazing, making his first 8 field goals including his first 3 threes. 

Until 2:19 left in the third quarter, the 76ers’ bench stayed dead silent. Then, Milton checked into the game. He immediately made his presence felt, knocking down a 30-foot three. 

That bucket began a 23-4 run for the 76ers. Milton was red hot, going 5-of-8 from the field and hitting 4 threes. All 26 of the 76ers’ bench points were scored in the final 14 minutes of the game.

Up Next

Game 3 will be the series’ first in Atlanta, at 7:30 pm on Friday. After splitting their games in Philadelphia, Games 3 and 4 become key ones for both teams. 

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