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NFL League Meetings Are Underway; What to Expect

Once a year, all NFL owners, general managers, and head coaches are invited to come together to discuss numerous topics on how the game should continue to evolve.

Each team is encouraged to propose rule changes that will, in turn, be voted on by all 32 owners. For any changes to be implemented, at least 24 of the 32 owners have to vote in favor of the rule change.

The annual League Meetings will occur in Phoenix, Arizona, from March 26th to March 29th.

Rule Changes

During this year’s NFL league meetings, 17 different rule changes will be put up for a vote. Nine of which were proposed by various teams around the league. From year to year, the rules rarely change too dramatically; therefore, most won’t receive the necessary 24 votes to be implemented.

Onside Kick Decision in 4th Quarter

The Philadelphia Eagles propose a rule change that affects the onside kick decision that often looms large at the end of games.

The onside kick is a lost art that rarely works out in favor of the kicking team. Stats show that there is a less than 8% success rate.

They want to implement the “4th down attempt” that is used in the XFL. Instead of attempting the onside kick after a score, the offense will be able to retain possession and have one opportunity to convert a 4th and 20 from the kicking team’s 20-yard line.

This rule change would force teams to implement different late-game strategies. It could make for more intriguing finishes rather than the inevitable failed onside kick.

Roughing the Passer Penalty 

A big topic throughout the 2022 season was the inconsistencies of roughing the passer calls that often played a big part in the outcomes of games.

Back in October, Kansas City Chiefs star defensive tackle Chris Jones said, “It’s costing team’s games.”

The Rams propose making such calls reviewable to eliminate miscalled roughing penalties. If the rule is passed, roughing calls will be subject to replay assist or review by coaches’ challenge.

But according to Judy Battista from NFL Network, there isn’t enough support around the competition committee to complete the rule changes.

Other Rule Changes Under Review

  • Allowing Players to wear number 0 as their jersey number
  • Allow teams to carry a third quarterback on their inactive list. They would be eligible to play if that team’s first two quarterbacks go down with injuries.
  • Provide teams with opportunities at a 3rd challenge
  • Allow officials to replay failed 4th down conversions
  • Allowing Coaches to challenge personal foul calls

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