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MLB Predictions from the KayRod Cast

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and America’s pastime is underway. Major League Baseball is back, and not just the fans are excited. MLB Experts are at the edge of their seats for this season. The cast of ESPN’s show, KayRod, Alex Rodriguez, and Michael Kay, talked and bantered through what they expect for this season. 

What To Expect

With Major League Baseball changing some key components of the game, the duo dove in to discuss their thoughts on the new rules. Michael Kay, one of the broadcasters for the New York Yankees, and co-host of the KayRod show, voiced, “I love them… the pace is so much better. It’s bringing the game to how it used to… it’ll have a big impact on a radio broadcast, analysts won’t have enough time to talk…”

Kay added, “I think you’re gonna see a lot of running. There’s going to be more of an emphasis on athleticism.” Seeing an increase of athleticism on the basepath could be a huge difference maker for baseball, which also would lead towards more of a defensive effort from fielders. 

The dynamic team discussed their picks for the new year of baseball. Anthony Volpe, a young prospect for the New York Yankees, made New York’s Opening Day roster and has been a topic of conversation all Spring.

When asked about his thoughts on Volpe, Rodriguez responded, “I haven’t seen much of him… the last shortstop that came up this young played pretty well. He won five championships… all eyes will be on him.” Volpe had an impressive Spring Training at the plate, gaining lots of attention from not just Yankee fans, but baseball fans.

While discussing the dynamic of the Yankees, Rodriguez shared, “I think Aaron (Judge) is just the dream for any organization… he is just a great guy. Dependable, predictable… I don’t think he gets enough credit.” Judge is coming off of a career season, where he broke Roger Maris’ American League home run record, after smashing 62 home runs. New York enters the season with a dynasty of a team, seeking revenge in the postseason.

(New York Yankees/Getty Images)

Predictions from the Duo

Rodriguez analyzed his pick for the strongest team in the league, stating the defending champion Houston Astros are “head and shoulders above any team.” Kay agreed with this but also had a few topics to discuss on the Astros.

Kay dives in, “Houston has to be one of the favorites if not the favorite to win. They’ve got it all. Losing Verlander is big… every time he took the mound, he was going to give you seven or eight innings, but that team is a beast. They’re built to win big games because they have great bat-to-ball skills… They have a manager that they seem like they love playing for.”

Houston is coming off of a 106-win season, which resulted in a World Series Championship. After losing ace Justin Verlander in free agency, Houston brought in former American League MVP Jose Abreu, to become their everyday first basemen. Abreu brings a strong bat to the team, along with an immense veteran presence. 

(Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)

While discussing a disappointing team, the crew both had bones to pick with Boston. Kay started, “I’ve got to be honest with you. I can’t figure out what the Red Sox are doing. I look at their roster and can’t figure out what they’re doing right now.”

Rodriguez adds to this, “The way you win … championships is essentially being a bully. You don’t have to be smart. You don’t get two championships if you do it the smart way, just keep winning championships. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Rodriguez ties back a lot of the Yankees’ postseason success to their off-season success. He discusses how the Yankees’ front office is always competitive and spending, to stay contenders year in and year out. Rodriguez credits the constant success to the “George Steinbrenner way.” That consists of drafting well, dominating the international market, developing internationals, and signing big free agents.

The greatest part about listening to Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez talk is hearing the two of them joke around with each other. Whether they talk about their friendship, their history working in sports, or the ballgame they’re broadcasting, it’s always a pleasure to listen in. Tune into the KayRod broadcast this season, as they host their alternate broadcast three times in April to start off the new season.

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