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Leo vs Fulton: Will the Fight be Worth the Wait?

While at home in Philadelphia, August 1st, 2020, Stephen ‘Cool Boy Steph’ Fulton Jr. watched the guy he should have been fighting at that moment in Connecticut. Unfortunately, he wasdiagnosed with COVID-19 while arriving at Mohegan Sun Casino just days before his scheduled title fight. There had to be times of frustration, excitement, and disappointment watching the bout he was supposed to be in. But for Fulton, he was happy. Not just because the fight date came but also that someone go a chance to achieve their dreams.

That man, Angelo Leo, ended up capturing the WBO world junior featherweight champion by defeating Fulton’s late replacement, Tramaine Williams. For Leo, this was the moment of a lifetime. His hard work and dedication to the sport had finally paid off. The Mayweather Promotions boxer had spent the whole lead up to the fight preparing for Fulton, only to have Williams take the fight on such short notice. Shortly after the fight, the WBO placed Fulton as Leo’s mandatory.

The fighters are 26 and roughly about the same size (although Fulton is a ½ inch taller and has a 1 ½ reach advantage). Both men will enter the ring undefeated. Leo is 20-0 with 9 KO’s, and Fulton is 18-0 with 8 KOs. Neither man is considered a slugger carrying much power. They have outstanding boxing abilities and will entertain their opponents by fighting their style and proving they can do it better.

Both have solid jabs (Fulton sometimes lunges with his). They move very well around the ring. Leo is a pressure fighter, and Fulton is more of a slick boxer. Both like to work the body. They also look to counter off on their opponent’s miscues. This is an actual 50-50 fight and can be an early candidate for the fight of the year. The x-factor could be the aftereffects of COVID because both guys have had it at some point (Leo had it more recently).

Regardless of what happens this Saturday night, both men will be in the mix for future championships. Fulton has faced better competition at this point in their respective careers, and I think it will show when they finally meet. Fulton, widely regarded as the favorite, but this fight will be a lot closer than most think.

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