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Everton Makes History: Defeats Liverpool for First Time in 10 Years

Everton and Liverpool faced off once again for the Merseyside Derby at Anfield Stadium. Both teams were ranked one behind another, with Liverpool in 6th and Everton at 7th. After a long 90+ minutes, Everton made history and pulled out a victory against Liverpool for the first time since October 2010. 

Right from the start, Everton was prepared. Just 3 minutes into play, James Rodriguez played a through ball into Richarlison who easily found the back of the net to get an early lead. 

Liverpool’s biggest loss was when captain Jordan Henderson had to be taken out in the first half due to an injury. 

When the second half rolled around, Everton did not slow down. Shutting down forward Mo Salah, Liverpool’s go-to man, and keeping control of the ball, staying calm under pressure. 

Eighty-three minutes into play, Everton earned themselves a penalty kick in which Gylfi Sigurdsson stepped up to take it. Liverpool’s goalkeeper Alisson guessed the right side that Sigardsson kicked, but did not react quick enough and the ball was buried in the goal, securing the win for his team. 

It wasn’t all that easy for Everton, though. Liverpool still put up quite a fight, especially in the first half. Before having to sit out the rest of the match, Henderson forced Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford to make 2 incredible saves, keeping his team on top. Trent Alexander-Arnold also tried for a shot on the net, but that too was denied by Pickford. 

This is now Liverpool’s 4th consecutive loss in the Premier League play. Last time this happened to their group was in 2002. Along with that, it was also their 4th straight home league loss, the first time since 1923, nearly 100 years ago. 

On the upside for Everton, not only was it their first win over one of their main rivals, but it was also their first victory at Anfield since September of 1999. What made the win even better was that they had not won a Merseyside Derby for the past 23 matches. It was truly a remarkable day for the visitors.  

The manager of Everton Carlo Ancelotti mentioned how proud he was of his team for this match. At the end of the game he expressed, “I am very pleased for the club and the supporters…I hope for sure that they are going to celebrate tonight. It was a good performance. A lot of fight and spirit. I am really happy.”

Liverpool and Everton are now tied in the Premier League in points; both sitting at 40 with Liverpool still in 6th and Everton remaining in 7th right behind them.

Next Up

Everton heads back to their home stadium of Goodison Park, taking on visiting Southhampton on Monday, March 1st. Kickoff is set for 3:00 ET; the Network broadcasting is still to be determined.

Liverpool faces Sheffield United at Bramell Lane Stadium on Sunday, February 28th. It begins at 2:15 ET, which the network broadcasts the event is still unknown.

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