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Celtics Beat the Magic 108-71 in Summer League Game

The Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic faced up against each other on Thursday night during the summer league. The Celtics who picked up Juhann Begarin in the draft outscored the Magic in every quarter. The Magic picked up Jalen Suggs in the 2021 draft, a star guard, despite picking up the loss.

Hauser for the Celtics

Virginia Cavaliers guard Sam Hauser was the leading scorer for the Celtics during this matchup. Hauser who went undrafted in the 2021 draft, will sign a two-way contract with the Celtics. During Thursday night’s matchup, Hauser played for about 26 minutes. By the end of the game, Hauser had a total of 21 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds. Out of 10 attempts at the three-point line, Hauser made 6 of them. Also, Hauser made 58% of his shots from the field. 

Suggs for the Magic

New to the NBA, Suggs had what some might call a low-scoring game during this matchup. Playing a total of 11 minutes, Suggs scored 6 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. Suggs went 0-2 from the three-point line and 2-6 from the field. 


From the beginning of the game, the Magic had a tough time landing their shots. In the first quarter, the Celtics outscored the Magic 25-16. During the second quarter, the Celtics continued to outscore the Magic 25-15. In the third quarter, the Celtics outscored the magic by 15 points, (26-11). In the fourth and final quarter of the game, the Celtics only outscored the Magic by 3 points, (32-29).

By the end of the final buzzer, the Magic had scored 17 points off turnover, the Celtics 10. Not only that, but the Celtics had 49 bench points and the Magic had 51 points. Along with that, the Celtics had scored 34 points in the paint, the Magic 28. Despite this loss, the Magic have a good team and hope to earn a win during their next matchup. 

Up Next

The Magic will face up against the Houston Rockets on Sunday, August 15 at 8:00 pm. As for the Celtics, their next matchup will be up against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, August 14 at 5:00 pm. 

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