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Tunnel Vision Sports is focused on the positivity in sports. Our digital magazine provides sports coverage in the form of articles, radio shows, and our interview series Beyond the Game featuring athletes, coaches, personnel, and more. From high school to the professional level, Tunnel Vision Sports is the prime destination for sports media. 

Tunnel Vision Sports CEO Stephen Hayes started the company in 2020 after noticing a void in the world of sports coverage. The positivity once found in sports media had taken a back seat in favor of the more salacious headlines and scandals professionals may or may not be involved in. It became more profitable to tear athletes down rather than celebrate their triumphs. That is not Tunnel Vision Sports. Our responsibility lies with the athletes and personnel who put everything on the line, and then some, for our entertainment. Whether they are at the high school or professional level, it is paramount that athletes receive the respect and recognition for their efforts. We will tell their stories, both of and beyond the game, to properly celebrate the athlete and return sports media to the platform it once was. 

Our responsibility also lies with our writers and team. We aim to provide opportunities to our team so they are equipped with the necessary skills to unlock their full potential. As long as positivity remains at the forefront, any and all ideas are welcome and greatly encouraged. The Tunnel Vision Sports team is directly bridging the gap between athletes and fans across the nation. 

Tunnel Vision Sports isn’t interested in controlling the narrative. We are not opinion-based, we are reality-based. If it’s an interview, what you say is what we write, and we will do our due diligence to ensure you stand by your words. Tunnel Vision Sports is a safe haven where your words will not be misconstrued in order to fit a narrative. Quite the opposite. Since we strive for trust, we are also striving for authenticity and positivity. We will always promote in a positive and respectful light. 

Tunnel Vision Sports is bringing positivity back to sports media.